m-protect – insertion aid for circular staplers / transanal insertion

Sphincter injuries can be caused by stapler insertion – better cover the stapler


Inserting transanally a circular stapler, e.g. for resection with an anastomosis, there are some risks of injuries: 

  • Sphincter lesion
  • Internal sphincter rupture
  • Collision with the mucous membrane folds (mucosa)
  • Risk of perforation

These risks stem mainly from the angular edge of the stapler. 

Eventual consequences

  • Up to 36% of patients suffer temporary  of anal incontinence 
  • 18% of patients suffer from a  sphincter  injury 
  • Anal incontinence for liquid stool

Stool can contaminate the stapler – better cover the stapler


Stool residuals are in the bowel and often contaminate the stapler head / stapler seam

Eventual consequences

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

With mprotect
m-protect covers the stapler‘s head and can reduce such contamination

Improving saftey when ...- xxx
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Technical Specs

  • 3 sizes: 28/29 – 31/32 – 33/34
  • Easy to use
  • Compatibable with all standard circular staplers


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