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MedTech Innovation Germany offers leading Medtech Devices from Germany and other European countries.
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Medical Segments where we offer products



Devices for minimal invasive Laparoscopy, Urology, Gynecology

Wound Management

Wound Management

Devices and accessories for Wound Management and Treatment



Solutions to heart surgery and longterm treatment



Devices for Dental Practioners



For your better grip control

  • Trocar for more grip and control
  • Grip based on ergonomic design
  • Users confirm: much better grip control

Easier Fixation than balloon trocars

  • Trocar for improved fixation
  • Alternative to balloon type trocar
  • Easier to use and safe

Viron X
Leading ICG Fluorescence Technology

  • New Imaging Technology
  • More Information to come soon

Endoscopic Cameras & Towers
Enabling high performance

Telescopes and accessories


Telescopes and accessories

Ultrasonic Neuro Surgery
Instrument & Generator

  • Enabling leading neuro surgery
  • Available only for some countries

Ultrasonic Liver Surgery
Instrument & Generator

  • Enabling leading liver surgery
  • Available only for some countries

Spine & Bone Surgery
Instrument & Generator

  • Spine surgery
  • Available only for some countries

Wound Management

Wound Debridement

  • Debridement for much faster healing
  • Strong clinical proof /studies
  • Available only for some countries

Coldplasma Wound Treatment
– Leading wound treatment therapy –

  • Treatment of chronic wounds
  • Much faster, easier healing – proved by clinical studies
  • by Coldplasmatech

Wound Camera
Better monitoring – better treatment

  • Easy, objective monitoring
  • Clinically validated, AI supported
  • GDPR compliant

Hospital IT-Solutions

HSD ChargenDoc
CSSD QM and Documentation System
– appr. 100.000 users –

  • Leading CSSD QM and Documentation System
  • Supporting all relevant CSSD documentation and reprocessing steps
  • Supporting higher Level of Infection Control

Hospital Facility Management Software

  • Transparent management of all medtech devices
  • Efficient maintenance planning
  • Cost-oriented reporting and controlling

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Clinical Advantages

Easy to Use

Cost Savings & Process Improvements

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