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Medical Segments where we offer products



Devices for minimal invasive Laparoscopy, Urology, Gynecology

Wound Management

Wound Management

Devices and accessories for Wound Management and Treatment



Solutions to heart surgery and longterm treatment



Devices for Dental Practioners



Ultrasonic Neuro Surgery
Instrument & Generator

  • Enabling leading neuro surgery
  • Available only for some countries

Ultrasonic Liver Surgery
Instrument & Generator

  • Enabling leading liver surgery
  • Available only for some countries

Spine & Bone Surgery
Instrument & Generator

  • Spine surgery
  • Available only for some countries

Protecting cover for cirular staplers

  • Stapler insertion risk 1: Internal sphincter lesion
  • Stapler insertion risk 2: Mucous membrane lesion
  • Stapler contamination risk with stool
  • Better cover the stapler – with m-protect® 

Fistula Rasp®
For the epithelium removal of fistulas

  • For removal of epithelium without injury to the sphincter muscle
  • Sharp-edged to achieve good rasp effect
  • Strong alternative to surgery or simple brushes


Imaging / X-ray

Mobile, digital X-ray
– For ambulatory and inpatient –

  • Lightweight, batteries integrated
  • Easy to handle, wireless

Portable, digital X-ray
– Monoblock X-ray units –

  • With high frequency technology
  • Non-stop operation during brief power outage or relocation

Complete X-ray portfolio
– Efficient and reliable –

  • Stationary, PACS, cloud solutions, digital retrofit, accessories

Wound Management

Wound Debridement

  • Debridement for much faster healing
  • Strong clinical proof /studies
  • Available only for some countries

Infection Prevention / CSSD

App-Software for service technicans

  • Easier validation for service technicans
  • Software automates validation steps
  • Automatic report production

Hospital IT-Solutions


Leonardo DR mini II
– Lightest, portable X-ray solution –

  • For mobile use in clinics / stables
  • Efficient to handle

Amadeo V DR mini II
– Tailor-made for vet needs –

  • User-friendly
  • DICOM viewer & miniPACS included
  • Complete integrated digital solution

Complete vet X-ray portofolio
– Efficient and reliable –

  • Vet dental, PACS, cloud solutions, X-ray accessories, digital retrofit solutions

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