We make medical Innovation worldwide successful!

MedTech Innovation Germany is supporting innovative inventors to make their products a worldwide success!

MedTech Innovation Germany is supporting professional distributors worldwide to grow their business with innovation.

Our team screens for innovations in all areas of medical devices. Based on a very strong network we are in constant contact with leading KOLs and innovators.

Our team and network consists of senior medtech entrepreneurs and managers with relevant experience in the broad spectrum of medical devices. Our KOL network covers area like surgery, orthopedics, gastroentereology, dentistry, dermatology, hygiene, …

We cooperate closely with other medtech expert networks like www.medtechcircle.com, www.i2medi.com and others.

Our Team – Experts in Medtech

We combine >100 years in Health Care and have experts with broad specialised knowledge.

Stefan Stülpnagel

Sales & Marketing

>15 years experience in MedTech Devices, member of ISO Groups, worldwide business experience

Torsten Büscher

Sales & Marketing Europe & Middle East

> 20 years experience in Sales, Marketing and MedTech. Focus Europe and Middle East

Andres Herrero

Sales & Marketing Latin America / www.i2medi.com

> 20 years experience in MedTech – specialized with i2medi.com in Latin America

Florian Elbs

Marketing & Branding

20 years experience in HealthCare Marketing

Leonie Holl

Sales & Marketing Support

Anton Zollbrecht

Sales & Marketing Support