EasyTroc – easier fixation with one click

  • Balloon-like trocar – for fixation / against slipping
  • Easier fixation than balloon trocars: 1-click concept – through patented anchor-technology
  • Fixation from inside and outside
  • Good ergonomic features, also for small hands
  • 5mm available, 10mm coming soon
  • Good tamponade effect in case of bleeding


  • Non-optical, 5mm diameter, balloon-type Trocar  
  • Fixation works with an anchor-system instead of a balloon, not needing any additional gas
  • High quality valves with less frictions
  • Good haptics 
  • For laparoscopy / general surgery, gynecology, urology


  • Very good Fixation of trocar – against any slipping
  • Very easy to use – 1-click – easy to pull out
  • Easy to introduce instruments – through cone-shaped opening
  • Good optical visibility through white / green colours

Fields of application

  • Operations with balloon trocars Kii Advanced Fixation
  • Operations where high degree of fixation is needed
  • Adipose patients with strong abdominal walls
  • Asthenic patients with too thin abdominal walls

Technical Specs

  • 5mm diameter available; 10mm diameter to come
  • 10cm length (tip to valve); 16mm overall length




Product Flyer

EasyTroc it´s genious in its simplicyty!- Prof. Rudi Campo, Leuven, Belgien
Easier than any balloon trocar - excellent fixation - used in more than 400 gyn operations already.- Dr. Gerold Kreuz, chief physician gyn clinic, Dresden/Hoyerswerda, Germany
Working is easy with EasyTroc - allowing excellent Fixation.- Prof. Thomas Römer, chief pyhsician gyn, Cologne, Germany

About the Manufacturer: TrokaSure GmbH & Co. KG

  • TrokaSure GmbH & Co. KG, Spohla 89, 02997 Wittichena, Germany
  • Founded 2010
  • Privately held company
  • Certified by MedCert: 13485, CE
  • Made in Germany