Viron X – NIR ICG Fluorescence Images
– A new Dimension to surgical Precision –

  • Viron X – the new Camera system
  • Excellent white light Images – allowing highest precision in dissection
  • Excellent NIR image – augmented in real time
  • Revolutionary usability concept

Excellent white light Images – allowing highest precision in dissection

The Viron X Endoscopic system provides maximum accuracy in visible light spectrum. The result is an outstanding image which provides 3D perception along with high sharpness.

  • Ultra High Sharpness through HDR and 4K UHD Technology 
  • 3D perception through Algorithmic Enhancement System
  • Less reflections though HDR and more sensitivity through innovative ultra-low-light function
  • Better colours with 1 billion colour gamut through 10 bit colour encoding.
  • Enhanced contrast of blood vessels making them easier to identify through Digital Green Spectral Filter VesMax

Excellent NIR image – augmented in real time

Excellent NIR Fluorescence Image due to high Sensitivity to NIR. Viron X combines in one, real time Image precise White Light Image augmented with excellent NIR Fluorescence Image

  • No need to switch modes of light source.
  • Brightness, tissue differentiation and colour remains unchanged even under Fluorescence Augmentation Mode.
  • This allows surgeon to use the additional information provided by fluorescence for higher surgical precision without loss of colour accuracy and sharpness.

New Usability Concept – allowing all focus on the surgical work 

  • Viron X changes the usability concept of surgical endoscopy: The unique Automatic Adjust System gives the surgeon all time to focus on his work – with no need to spend time adjusting the settings.
  • The user just has to select the type of surgery from one of 16 surgery presets and the camera instantly sets the optimum parameters for the selected surgery. Now doctors do not have to bother anymore with setting up a camera, nor with constantly adjusting requirements presented by traditional cameras.
  • The camera can be fully controlled by using the Viron X app over bluetooth. It reduces the complexity of buttons on the devices and makes the handling much easier.

About the Manufacturer: Maxer Endoscopy GmbH

  • Maxer Endoscopy GmbH, Untere Hauptstraße 34/1, 78573 Wurmlingen, Deutschland
  • Founded 2014
  • Privately held company
  • Certified by mdc: 13485, CE
  • Made in Germany